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Are you overwhelmed by keeping up with your inbox?
Do you feel you are wasting time on calendar management?
Do you dream of days you are in control of it all?

If you answered yes, you are at the right place for help!

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Why You Should Choose
Signature Office Solutions

We bring all the administrative pieces of your business together - organized, prioritized, cleaned up. 

Visualize every client being invoiced - and bookkeeping that reflects payment of their invoices. 

Visualize an inbox that has all messages attended to with a small number of emails in a file folder to be addressed by you once or twice daily.

Visualize a calendar that isn't overflowing, that has the right number of sales calls and the right amount of time blocked for work to get done.

Do you feel that peacefulness and mental clarity you get at those visualizations?  That's what we will do for you! 

No more being overwhelmed. 
No more wasted time. 
No more not living your dream!

Why Are We Different?
Experience - over 40 years
Unique Processes - systems that prevent everything happening on time and nothing missing
Confidentiality - your information stays private and confidential.

We am here to help you, the busy executive, in the day-to-day running of your business.  

What Do We Do to Accomplish This?
Administrative Support
Includes but not limited to email and calendar management.

Basic Bookkeeping Support

Includes set up in QuickBooks Online, recording and payment of bills, recording and sending of invoices, tracking debit/credit card expenses, reconciliation of accounts, monthly/quarterly report preparation.

CRM Management and Eblast Campaigns
Create and/or maintain a Customer Relationship Management system for you, including eblast campaigns to connect, develop relationships, and assist in securing additional clients.

Administrative Audit
Wonder if your office could be running more efficiently, saving money, and be streamlined?  I can perform an audit to answer these questions and provide solutions for you to implement - or for me to implement for you.

Remote Support or Onsite Support?
I have a process that will reveal what is truly the best solution for you, and I will help you implement the solution.

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What are others saying?

I strongly recommend the Signature Virtual Assistance program. Lorie is very easy to work with she has helped to stream-line my personal productivity and get back hours and hours of time every month. I rely on her for professional consulting and expertise in a lot of areas. Having a virtual assistant helps me to be more organized, more professional, and stress-free.

Tim Jacks
Associate Professor
Southern Illinois University -Edwardsville

What are others saying?

I hired Lorie and her company Signature Virtual Assistance to help me organize my business workflow and outsource a number of tasks so that I could focus on what is most important. Lorie and her team have delivered over and over again, even to the point of creating a drip email campaign for me and helping me ramp up into using a new CRM. I recommend Lorie to anyone I meet who needs top-notch outsourcing delivered strategically and with integrity.

Chris Marshall
Online Wellness Coach
Healthy Lifestyle Advocate
Success & Motivation Coach
Database Programmer

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